On September 14, a wildfire was detected in Clear Creek Canyon. It was named the Cold Creek Wildfire. Camp Prime Time lies several miles south east of this wildfire. Site Manager Bill and volunteers did what they could to prepare camp, if needed. The whole area was on a level 2 evacuation notice. Our concern was the wildfire moving south east along Clear Creek. Smoke became more prominent. Clear Lake filled with smoke and Round Mountain, which normally dominates the lakes skyline, disappeared.

The size of this fire seemed to double each day. Helicopters were called in and used water from Clear Lake. On September 18, their appeared to be containment on its south and east flanks towards camp. At that time, it was spreading mostly north. Smoke continued to linger across the area.

On September 19, Site Manager Bill indicated it was raining at camp! Yeah! He also reported lots of lighting and thunder. Concern.

On September 22, the wildfire was mostly contained and firefighters began withdrawing. Hwy 12 reopened with signs of burned trees and dislodged rock on the shoulders.

We thank everyone for their thoughts, words, and support. We especially thank all who worked this wildfire (as well as all wildfire fighters). This wildfire season seems rougher than previous seasons.

The Stuffed Animal Gang was manning the hoses to help if called upon. Thankfully not!

Now it’s time to start getting camp ready for winter!