“Our 10 year old son was invited to participate in your weekend camp on May 30-June 1, 2014.  We wanted to thank you all for an absolutely marvelous weekend!

Our son has great difficulty socially and feeling accepted among his peers.  It was so wonderful to watch him play with so much joy and make friends.  It has a tremendous positive impact on him and he begged us to please come back someday.  I wish the people who financially support Camp Prime Time could see what this has done for our son.  Additionally, as parents, we relaxed and felt free of judgment by others.  We had the opportunity to share what we’ve learned with parents of younger children and we gained hope and perspective from parents who have older children than our 10 year old son.

Lastly, we wanted to share our gratitude to the fantastic volunteers.  Wow, they worked hard, interacted with everyone with support and humor.  We understand that without the volunteers, Camp Prime Time could not operate the way it does.  It was do great not to worry about preparing food and to eat such delicious food, a treat! Again, thank you so much for all you do to bring joy to our special children.”

— Rose Medley & Bruce Viseth, Kent WA

Mother Son in Treehouse

“Hi All: Seriously!… You guys made this such an incredible weekend for us – my daughter and I ad so many special moments.  From caring for our health, over the top – Thank you!!!  Letting Madeline help deliver s’mores, providing new opportunities for experiences; boat rides, camp fire, long sticks, new toys, hugs around the table, sweet smiles, getting to ring the dinner bell.  We are all leaving feeling BLESSED.  Thank you all so much!

God Bless You All, God is definitely within you!”

— Jacque, Woodinville, WA

“Thank you so much to all the volunteers at camp this weekend. I didn’t get to relay that to all of them before we left. The camp   is amazing and we had a very fun yet relaxing time. We really enjoyed the atmosphere and the food! Every time I wear my Camp Prime Time sweatshirt, I will remember this weekend and the wonderful weekend you give to our families. Thanks so much.”

— Pam Hamilton, Walla Walla, WA

This poem was written by Kathy Hoppis, a recent visitor to Camp Prime Time:

“As I look out upon this place –
The cabins in the woods,
And think of all that happens here,
The love, the pride and the good.
Can’t help but think about your help
And all your loving grace.
I thank you Lord, for all your blessings
In this wonderful special place.
Thank you!”

“We had a great visit.  Excellent weather.  It was our first since the lodge has been (nearly) completed.  Young kids really take to the playroom. We stayed in Cabin H, which was perfect for me as I have a bit of a mobility problem.  The cabins are so nice; especially the decks, which make for great opportunities to visit and interact with neighbors, and the showers/restrooms.  You folks really have done a great job; perfect concept and a perfect site.  Thank you!”

 — Lee Schroeder, Corvallis, Oregon

“Thanks for a wonderful weekend. We will be back next year. We liked visiting with everyone. Thank you for Greg’s special food and service, it made him so happy.  We know more people this year. Can we have Cabin L again? (Greg asked us to ask.)”

 — Bob Tate, Linda Darvell, Yakima, Washington

“Had a great time.  Would be interested in volunteering at a camp.”

— Annette McGregor, Seattle, Washington

“This was our first time at Camp Prime Time, and we have thoroughly enjoyed a relaxing, supportive, and adventuresome experience.   Eli (17 yrs old) has only ridden horses one other time when he was very young, and he loved it!  You all have been so generous, so loving and so hard working.”

— Sarah Westenvelt, Seattle, Washington

“This was a great weekend and a good way for a single mom to try camping. The volunteers were great. The only thing I would change is that arriving here in the dark, it was hard to figure out how to get into the lodge.  My son says it was awesome!”

— Tamara Fix, Federal Way, Washington

“I will be willing to make a donation in the future. We had a great time! Thank you so much for your gift to us.”

— Cora Morgan, Orting, Washington

“What a beautiful place, accepting people, and a life changing experience.  Camp Prime Time has been a wonderful oasis in a sometimes difficult journey.  Thank you for the chance to relax and recharge our batteries.  Camp Prime Time holds a special place in our hearts.”

— Denise Junson, Seattle, Washington

“Every one of the volunteers were awesome. What a great family!”

— Lesa Fay, Vancouver, Washington

“My daughter Emma, and her two sisters and I, have immensely enjoyed our Prime Time experiences. We have been graciously treated to a wonderful camp environment, great service, and three hot squares [meals] a day. We have been lucky enough to attend camp three times in the past five years. Emma loves the pontoon boat, the fire pit, and the expansive tree house. Most of all, Emma and our family relish the weekend of laughter and spending time with friends around the lodge and in and out of the cabins.

The three hour drive on black pavement from our home to Rimrock Lake flies by with anticipation. We arrive to welcoming hosts and our own cabin in the cool night air. From that point until we leave on Sunday goes by in a flash. All we have to do is enjoy our kids and appreciate our fellow campers. What a refreshing time!

Thanks so much to Prime Time staff and to those that contribute to camp progress. All of your efforts have created Prime Time, a genuinely wonderful experience for special families.”

— Alan Schroeder, dad to Emma (age 11; 22q13 Deletion Syndrome), Athena, Oregon

“I am writing in regards to letting you know of our wonderful experiences we have had at Camp Prime Time.  We look forward to going as a family every year.  It is beyond compare, to watch my son Danny have the time of his life, without all the judgments and stares he receives in every day life. It is very nice for all of our family to be a part of something where everyone there knows exactly how you feel. The volunteer staff has always treated our family wonderfully.  They included my son in many things, which lets him feel “normal” for at least one weekend of his life each year. The activities they have for us each year have been great for him and us as a family.  We wish that we could go more than one time a year.  We truly wish his day to day life was as “normal” and “accepted” as he, and we, feel while we are at Camp!

We thank all those who are involved in Camp Prime Time – from the staff to the volunteers & other families who attend.  We are so glad we have a place like this to go!  Thank you!!”

— Lori Fouste, Clarkston, Washington

“In the summer of 2009 we attended Camp Prime Time with Candlelighters because our 4-year old little boy, Baily, had cancer.  He was in the middle of treatment and very weak but he had a wonderful time with the other children, we think he actually felt normal for the first time in months.  The joy we felt watching him is something we will never forget.  He passed away 3 months later and we miss him every day.  We have a picture of him by the campfire that is our favorite.  We still attend Camp Prime Time with Candlelighters and it means so much to us to be able to be at the place that brought him so much happiness and peace during his cancer fight.  From our family to yours, thank you.”

– Heather Bennett, Tacoma, Washington

“This experience was wonderful for my sister who has Down Syndrome. She mingled with her peers, many of whom she did not know, and even engaged in an impromptu card game on Saturday afternoon, without any help or guidance from me. To see her interacting in such a manner was a delight to me.

Thank you so much for the opportunity for us to come and experience Camp Prime Time. Everyone had a fabulous time. Your volunteers are outstanding, and made the time special for everyone. For many of these families, a special weekend like this to relax and have fun is few and far between. Thank you for making everyone feel welcome and included.”

– Cathy Murahashi, Coordinator, Parent to Parent of King County

One of our long time campers, Matt, was celebrating his birthday recently and chose to do so by volunteering for a weekend at Camp Prime Time.  Matt has an infectious smile and is a phenomenal dancer.  He loves to entertain the campers and volunteers by dancing for them and encouraging them to dance with him as well.  He likes to play music while he works and frequently stops to dance.  On Sunday mornings, we have sack lunch fixings for the campers to make lunch to take with them.  We put the food on a table in the middle of the dining room.  The Sunday Matt was at camp, the campers were making their sack lunches and he decided everyone was a little too serious.  He started dancing among the campers and soon they were all dancing and smiling as they made their sandwiches.  We even had a conga line circling the table.  Moms, dads and kids were all dancing together.  Families were talking about organizing volunteer groups to spend the weekend working at camp.  One set of parents, who have been coming to camp for years, and are usually very serious, were flirting with each other like teenagers.  It was the perfect end to a fun-filled weekend.  We don’t know if Matt realizes how much joy he gives the campers, but it is immeasurable.  Camp Prime Time is all about providing a relaxing, fun atmosphere for the entire family.  Matt embodies that spirit and is a great asset to our family of volunteers.

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