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Prime Time Code of Conduct

Prime Time is a charitable not-for-profit organization dedicated to providing a restful wilderness camping experience to children with a severe/terminal illness or disability and their families. In an effort to maintain the high standard of conduct expected and deserved by our special families, this Code of Conduct has been adopted and is applicable to all volunteers and staff.

No volunteer or staff shall: (please initial each item)

  • Utilize any affiliation with Prime Time to promote partisan politics, religious matters, or issues opposed to the official position of Prime Time, Inc.
  • Disclose any confidential Prime Time information to any person.
  • Make derogatory statements regarding race, physical condition, or personal traits to anyone.
  • Operate or act in any manner that conflicts with the best interests of Prime Time, Inc., or its users.
  • Use alcohol or any other substance while at Camp Prime Time that could impact job performance or the safety of people or property.
  • Interact with any campers or staff if you have any medical or criminal background that may cause, or appear to cause, harm to anyone.
  • Authorize the use of the name, logo, services, or property of Prime Time, Inc. for the benefit of other individuals or organizations not associated with Prime Time, Inc.

I certify that I have read and understand the Code of Conduct of Prime Time, Inc., and agree to comply with it.

I understand that a background check will be performed. If I have a criminal record I will disclose it to the Executive Director or the Prime Time Board President so that it can be discussed. This will not necessarily preclude me from serving as a volunteer.

I understand that typing my initials and typing my name below constitutes a legal signature.

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