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A recreational facility for seriouslyill chidlren and their families
Camp Prime Time - a camp for seriously ill children and their families
Camp Prime Time - a camp for seriously ill children and their families

There are many ways to support Camp Prime Time. One is by volunteering in the following ways:

Ralph and Dave WelchCamp – Volunteers to run camp are always in demand and generally work from late Friday afternoon through early Sunday afternoon. Duties include food preparation, cleaning, and assisting with organized recreation activities such as boat rides or campfire programs.

If you would like to volunteer at camp, we ask that you first complete the Volunteer Application Form and the Volunteer Background Check, returning them to the camp office at your earliest convenience.

Volunteer Information Application form [pdf file 161 KB]
Volunteer Background Checks [pdf file 187 KB]

Volunteer Brochure [pdf file 560 KB]

Work Parties – Volunteers are needed for opening camp in May and closing of camp in October. Skilled project workers such as carpenters, electricians, plumbers, and other specialized trades are always needed.

Special Events – Volunteers are needed to help coordinate the Prime Time biennial Dinner and Auction fundraising event. A tree recycling service is provided every year after Christmas, which needs many volunteers to keep it running smoothly.

takes many to build it

adults can play too


Camp Prime Time relies heavily on volunteer involvement to support our fundraising efforts – and volunteers have responded with amazing commitment and creativity. Check out the Special Events page to see what’s coming soon. If you would like to help with a fundraiser, organize one, or have ideas for a new one, please contact the Prime Time office.

We Can’t Do it Without our Volunteers!

Last week we needed to move all the Lodge furniture we’ve purchased from a grant through Yakima Valley Community Foundation.  Thanks to the following group of guys, we were able to get it done in just over an hour.  I was guessing it would have taken at least a couple hours to get everything moved. Thank you for ALL your hard work – Ralph Berthon, Mike Bonneville Sr, Dick Haapala, Jim Russell and Dave Welch.  A special thanks to Meredith Furniture who provided a driver and truck to help us out. 

THANK YOU to the volunteers and the Yakima Knights of Columbus group with their breakfast fundraiser for the camp.  Also, we thank the following for helping to serve:

Debbie Armstrong
Gale and Pat Benoit
Dave Berthon
Ralph and Diane Berthon
Mike Bonneville, Sr
Mike Burnam Sr.
Dennis Clark
Frank Davis
Connie Falon
Kathy Greninger
Dick Haapala
Sally Hopkins
Marilyn Hunter
Betty Jo Murray
Paul and Sheri Smith
Shirley Thietje
Robin Walker
Deb Wauzynski
Dave and Ruth Welch
Joe and Jean Wurtz

Thanks to the many volunteers who participated in the 23rd Annual Tree Recycling Event in 2012-2013.

Ken Armstrong, Royce Baker, Dave Berthon, Ralph Berthon, Mike Bonneville, Jim Boyd, Matt Brusic, Mike and Brandi Burnam Jr, Mike Burnam Sr, Taylor Burnam, Rosendo Cuevas, Frank Davis, Peter Dell, Eric Dolph, Paul Ellingson, Sylvia Ermey, Lance Forsee, Rion Griffith, Sabrina Groenig, Dick Haapala, Bruce Hay, Homero, Phil Jaeger, Anna Jaussaud, Zach Jenkins, John Jewett, Mike and Brooks Kelly, Ralynn Kelly, Bill Kivett, Roger Mahan, Lou and Isaac Maldanado, Salvador Partida, Dillon Patterson, John and Debbie Phippin, Abel Puerta, Jim Russell and Shirley Thietje, Jeff Ryan, Alberto Santacruz, Cesar Santacruz, Roy Seshiki, Ryan Sterling, Daniel Thompson, Jenny Tobin, Gilbert Trujillo, Steven Trujillo, Casey Ward, Jeremy Weber, David Welch, Shane Welter, Virgil Wiest, Michael Wise and Apolo Zuniga.

We also want to thank the businesses who supported the tree recycling fundraiser through their in-kind donations.

Barnett Implement, Colonial Lawn & Garden, City of Yakima, Yakima County Solid Waste, Cliff’s Septic System, National Barricade, Yakima Theatre’s, KCYU TV Fox 41, Pacific Power, Trees, Inc., and AmeriGas.

We have the BEST volunteers ever!