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2021 Camping Season: Opening on a modified basis

The Yakima Health Dept. approved CPT’s plan for opening camp on a modified bases in 2021. Modifications include:

1. Limit number of camper families to six (6) households. Based on the limited number of bathroom availability.

2. Each household family will be assigned one bathroom.

3. Limit number of volunteer families to two (2) households. To be reviewed based on family situation.

a. One (1) volunteer family to cook for camper families.

b. One (1) volunteer family to care for and support camper families.

4. Distancing protocols and masks will be enforced. Reviewed based on group situation.

5. Activities limited to one household at a time: Pontoon & Wagon rides, Playground, Tree House, Court Games, etc.

6. Playroom will serve as additional dining space if needed. Otherwise take-out meals delivered to each families cabin.

7. Six (6) additional mid-week sessions offered.

8. Minor changes to: Registration, Information, and Operations.

Please review the above information to evaluate your family’s ability to attend and/or volunteer this summer. A safe environment is being offered. It will not feel quite the same as previous camps. If uncomfortable due to underlying health conditions, distancing protocols, and program changes . . . . we understand and hope for a ‘back to normal’ 2022.

We seek to enrich the lives of families with children who are seriously ill or developmentally disabled by providing an outdoor wilderness experience where families can enjoy themselves in a supportive atmosphere without financial burden.

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